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“Let’s face it a chocolate cake has done a lot for a lot of people”- AUDREY HEPBURN

Whenever we hear the word ‘cake’, the first thing that comes to our mind is a delicious little stack of bread decorated with a scrumptious cream ,garnished with the secret ingredient love and brings a smile that is to die for !

Cakes are one of the first international desserts (Thanks to Rome) we have ever had to celebrate. Earlier we waited for occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, festivals etc to have a cake but nowadays cakes are the reason we have celebrations!

There is no particular time to eat cakes. You can adjust a slice in your breakfast, a chunk in your lunch, maybe the whole cake in the dinner, and a few bites in between..Age is just a number in front of the love for cakes because you don’t need teeth to have a cake but just a heart filled with love and an empty stomach, of course.

Cakes never disappoint you or demand anything from you; all they do is love, care and devote them towards your happiness.

Cakes can be moulded into various shapes and sizes and made with different flavours; this makes it one of most versatile and fashionable of all the desserts we know. There are no limits with what you can do with a simple cake. You can turn it into a flower cake, a theme cake, an n-tier cake (for your wedding), a cartoon cake (yes, you can eat a minion, Tom and Jerry, Disney land, cars. All thanks to cakes), a photo cake, a cake of your favourite accessory, a rainbow cake or a simple bunch of fruits would do (Right?).



The flavour of the cake is what does the real talking. Your cake can be a simple vanilla cake, a crunchy butterscotch cake, a sinful black forest cake, a tempting red velvet cake, , an effortless white forest cake , a Christmas-y plum cake or the precious wine cake(for your perfect date ). Also, your cake can be a small cupcake, a pastry, a standard cake, a huge one with many layers or just an imitation of your amazing closet!

Imagine living in a world made of cake. How easy life will be with cakes everywhere and whenever you want.


Living in the cake, For the cake.

Well, we at bitscakewala.com promise you a world of cakes in any shape, at any time, for anyone just at a click. India’s first e-Bakery we bring your favourite bakeries at your doorstep. We offer a wide range of fresh cakes, pastries , breads , perfect gift items and freshest flowers in a smarter and easier way. bitsCakewala.com is a BITS alumnus wonder, currently active in Noida, Greater Noida and Gurgaon , we strive to give you the best bakery services and assure you of the best quality in the vicinity.

So, have a birthday or anniversary coming up , straightaway head to bitsCakewala.com , login and let your loved ones how much you care with the best cakes , the lovely flowers and the perfect gifts delivered right where they are.


Thanks. See You There.